This new information has my brain fucked. I dont understand why you would lie. This changes how I feel about you and I dont really know what to think. You tell me one thing and then I hear a different story from your family. Im not really sure what to believe. Why would you lie? Maybe I should blow it off like I do all your bullshit, but what I hear, I believe, because I see how it is when im there. Why would you say they were using you when I hear you were using them? To make me feel bad for you? She says you have everything flipped around and im starting to believe it. The only reason im even being suspicious is because now I feel like youre using me. I dont even know what to think about you after what she said. One of you is lying or doesnt understand the situation fully. I did feel bad for you, but now im fucking suspicious if youre even a real friend. And I feel like im not even sure I should bring this up to you because I know how youd act whether you were lying or not, youd blow up at me for believing your sister. I dont know if im glad I talked to your sister and found all this shit out or not. Because it just makes things even harder and more stressfull. Maybe ill talk to you about it, maybe not, but im kind of wanting an explanation right now.

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